Barbie's Chili

Do you know which is that special dish that cute Barbie adores spoiling her boyfriend Kevin with? Chili con carne! That's right, the sweet golden locks chef's a true expert when it comes to preparing this meat and chili-based dish and, moreover, she's agreed to share ll her cooking secrets with you. First things first, through, before you get to the cooking step you need to go through all the ingredients collecting little tasks. Look for the foodies, spices and kitchen tools popping up in the bottom bar you have there, then: enjoy a tears-free onion chopping session! Continue with the garlic, then slice some bell peppers, too, then... Look for more ingredients and get ready for cooking the yummy meat, too! Out of all the Barbie cooking games that you've tried so far, you cannot disagree that this one here is one of the most engaging ones for any little Barbie fan and cooking passionate like you!

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