Boyfriend Girl Makeover

Are you familiar with the latest trend when it comes to... make-up tutorials: the boyfriend girl makeover looks? Well, whether you already are or you don't have any clue about it, one thing is sure: you'll be having loads of fun turning this handsome teen boy here into a... lovely chic mademoiselle! He's agreed to let you get him a... head to toe girl makeover, so, you'd better start with the basic steps such as... shaving that beard off his for... you don't want to get him a... beardy mademoiselle look now do you! There you go! Next, get him a fancy chic minidress, scanning through his stylish girlfriend wardrobe and add a new doze of... femininity to his look by pulling off a polished-glam make-up look for him! Dare going for... dramatic red lips, for loads of mascara, for rosy pink or peachy blush and a pastel eyeshadow color, too! Isn't he...I mean “she”... adorable? A chic hairstyle, maybe a braided one or a curly bob, and a bling bling statement necklace and he could rival lots of teen fashionista on the street! If you play makeover games online on a regular basis,you'll no doubt agree that this is one of the most... unusual ones you've ever played!


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