Perfect Makeover

Can you guess what this lovely looking teen fashionista needs in order to be the most ravishing dancing girl there, on the dance floor, in that luxurious, extravagant club she'll hit tonight? A perfect makeover! That's right, and you're the one who'll cast the right beauty and style magic spells on her playing the perfect makeover game!

The make up look cannot be anything less than spectacular and really daringly flamboyant! You have the right make up tools and the perfect make up products right there, at your disposal, feel free to use them and do your make up hocus pocus! A daring lipstick color is sure to take her look out of the ordinary, whereas a matching eyeshadow color, one that should highlight her big beautiful eyes is what she needs in order to start feeling just like an extravagant diva. Next, if you want to complete her make up look with even more notes of eccentricity just dare selecting one of those spectacular, artsy face tattoos you have there, in this amazing online makeover game! Once the make up is done, make sure to pick the right outfit to pair it with! It cannot be any less extravagant, any less stylish, you do agree, don't you? Check out her fancy, designer sequined pants, do your best to pair them with the perfect sharp shoulder tops, the right lovely chic baby doll blouses or french-chic stripped, off shoulder tops. Even if you've pulled off a really stylish fashion look, playing the perfect makeover game, don't take your final decision yet, not until you've looked through all of her fabulous evening gowns, too. You have gorgeous, resplendent sequined minidreses to pick from, precociously looking ladylike high waist cocktail dresses and even cute chic baby doll dresses that you could select. Now, for a really posh chic, slightly extravagant look a fancy,a fabulous hairdo, exactly as the ones you get to pick from playing this gorgeoustattoo makeover gameis a must, don't you agree?

Play the perfect makeover game and express your creativity as a make up artist and fashion stylist getting this gorgeous girl the ultimate beauty and style makeover. Once you've completed your “mission” here, check out other greatmake up games available on our site and see what other fabulous make up looks you can come up with!

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