Bento Box

What if instead of the usual,... boring lunch box you could delight both your sight and your taste buds with a funny cute-looking bento box on your next lunch break at school? You could only if you agreed to attend this fun, fun cooking class here! Yo will be learning everything about shaping yummy cooked rice, fresh veggies and tasty meat or fish into the most delightfully looking eatable figurines. So, first of all start by putting together some adorable panda bears-shaped rice balls. Follow the precious indications on your screen for shaping the balls, then animate them and add the animal cuteness factor to them by using the cutter you have there to make cute panda faces from the nori sheet you have there, to make cute panda eyes from the cheese put at your disposal and rosy panda cheeks from the crab sticks you have there, on the kitchen counter. Lovely! From all the new cooking games for girls that you've played so far this one here makes the most inspiring tutorial, wouldn't you agree? Once your panda rice balls are looking so very sweet, go on and do the same tricks for pulling off some cutie cute vegetable shapes and cheese stars, as well!


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