Strawberry Toffee Tart

Yummy strawberries and delicious toffee in the same dessert? How... irresistibly tasty is that! You should definitely not miss the chance of digging up all this amazing recipe's cooking secrets! You'll be learning, for instance, how to turn tasty biscuits into... crumbs by simply placing them into the food bag put at your disposal and then moving the rolling pin up and down the bag. Pretty simple, huh? Next place those biscuit crumbs into the bowl placed on the kitchen counter and use the spoon you have there for pouring some tasty melted butter on top. This yummy mix will then go into the round cooking pan, then into the fridge for a couple of minutes! As a desserts addict and cooking games for girls fan you'll certainly love attending this awesome baking class here! Then, get ready for putting together the tasty toffee mix!


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