Summer Grill Cooking

What a lovely sunny day, the perfect day for a fun summer grill! Sweet Lizzie here has already made up her mind: she'll throw a great surprise barbeque party for her mom and dad, where she'll invite her grandparents and family friends, too. Would you help her get everything ready on time: cook a finger-licking good grill and put together a lovely table setting d├ęcor, as well? Then get the Summer Grill Cooking game started!

So, here we are, facing the shelves at the supermarket, challenged to spot all the ingredients writes down on Lizzie's shopping list in the blink of an eye! See where the eggplants might be, look for the plates, too, for the right types of meat, as well... Once you've done all the shopping, step outside, in Lizzie's charming backyard, and lend her a helping hand for seasoning and then grilling all those different types of meat and fresh, tasty veggies, too. If you love to play cooking games online on a regular basis you'll definitely enjoy this fun cooking class in the sun here! Sprinkle salt and paper on the indicated foodies, then drop them all on the indicated parts of the huge grill you have there. Remember to use the spatulas and forks put at your disposal for turning them on the other sides, as well, after a couple of seconds, then... help pretty little Lizzie here set the table in no time! Help her pick a nice tablecloth, nicely arranging all the delicious foodies that you two will have prepared, and so on. Enjoy!

If you play cooking games for girls on a regular basis you'll definitely enjoy this fun and so very inspiring outdoor cooking class and table setting decoration challenge!
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