Yummy Panna Cotta

It's yummy, it's fruity and it makes the perfect pamper for your taste buds whenever you need to cope with a challenging summer heat! So, seize the chance of learning how to cook a finger-licking delicious mango-flavored panna cotta while giving this mommy a helping hand at preparing one of her little ones' top favorite summer treat! The first step to take: preparing the panna cotta mixture! The saucepan has already been placed on the stove for you, so hurry up to turn it on and then to pour some fresh water, too. Drop in the indicated sugar strands, waiting for them to melt as you stir them through and through. Empty the saucepan, then put together the next mixture by pouring some milk, adding some heavy cream, as well, some sugar, too, and then mixing this milky mixture with the sugary one you’ve just prepared. Good job! Could you deny that this is one of the most useful online cooking games for a player with a sweet tooth like you? Keep up the good work and in no time you'll get to the mango coulis' preparation part, then to the topping's step, too, ending by decorating and serving your mouth-watering panna cottas!


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