Yummy Delight Cake

This lovely birthday girl is a huge, huge sweets fan, you know, especially a yummy cakes addict! So, could you think of a better surprise present for her than an amazing, eye-temptingly looking birthday cake? How about accepting the role of a pastry cook and decorator, at the same time, putting together this dream cake that will surely sweep her off her feet? Play the yummy delight cake decoration game and... show off your skills!

Let's see, could you guess which is her favorite type of cake flavor? Could it be raspberry or rather cocoa? Depending on that, feel free to choose the right cake color. Then, go on and get it filled with yummy, juicy fruitties or whipped cream or maybe strawberry cream. Next, like in many other cake decorating games that you might have played before, the cake topping's selection is definitely the most challenging step to take: they all look so very mouthwatering and... tantalizing? Would place a a mix of caramel, chocolate cream and cherries on top or you'd rather go for a delicious, super tasty strawberry topping? Decorate the plate with other mouth-watering looking fruitties and strategically placed “stains” of fruity cream and you should have no doubt: the birthday girl will definitely get stunned by your exquisite taste when it comes to decorating cakes!

Play other cake decorating games on Rainbowdressup and... rely on your creativity as a pastry chef for pulling off new and new amazing cake décor looks!

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