Mother and Daughter Plum Tart Cooking

It's daddy's birthday today and his lovely daughter, Susie, has just had a great idea: how about surprising with his favorite dessert, plum tart? Since little Susie's not much of a cook, her mommy will lend her a helping hand with the baking and the tart decoration, but they'd both your help, too, during their fun cooking session. If you play cooking games on a regular basis you'll love, love, love being Susie and her mom's little helper in the kitchen as they'll bake this finger-licking good fruity tart!

Before they can start baking, mother and Susie will definitely have to rush to the supermarket and buy all the ingredients listed in the recipe. Feel free to join them there and to fill in their shopping cart with all the right items, quickly spotting them on the shelves. Next, once in the kitchen, let the tart baking frenzy begin! Look for the tart mold and, once you've spotted it, place it on the kitchen counter, then look for the crust dough, as well, next for the bag of dried beans, too. Keep up the good work and you'll quietly get to the pie baking part, where you need to remember to turn on and specialty to turn off the oven at precisely the right moment. You don't even need to play cooking games on a daily basis to realize that this is such a fun and nonetheless inspiring baking tutorial! Next, go on by putting together the indicated mixture: you’ll be needing some flour, a couple of eggs.... Once the plum tart is cooked and looking so very mouthwatering, feel free to lend little Susie a helping hand for getting it even more tantalizing by decorating it with the right fruity and creamy topping, by pairing it with the right type of refreshing drink and so on. Enjoy!

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