Twins' Birthday Cake

Girls, meet Susan and Sara, two lovely twins who're turning... 11 today! As birthday girls, they've invited over, to a nice tea party, some of their closest friends, whom they'd really love to... dazzle away and spoil big time with a jaw-dropping, nonetheless mouth-watering festive super cake! Of course, they're relying on your own skills as a pastry chef for getting their special birthday dessert baked and decorated so, chop, chop, for the first guest should be here any minute now: get the Twins Birthday Cake cooking game started and impress the two girls with your baking and cake decoration skills!

The very first task to consider would definitely have to be that of shopping all the needed ingredients. So, join the charming twins at the supermarket and get the shelves scanned looking for sugar, for flour, for eggs, for whipped cream, as well, for... Once you've dropped them all into your shopping cart, step into Susan and Sara's kitchen and show the girls how a super birthday cake is done! First of all hurry up to melt those yummy chocolate chips: turn on the oven, place that special pot on it, fill it with water, then place in the transparent bowl, too, and drop in your yummy choco chips. Next, upgrade the resulting creamy chocolate with flour, with baking powder, salt, butter etc. Awesome! Wouldn't you agree that this is one of the most engaging birthday cake cooking games that you've ever played? You sure are a gifted pastry chef! Still, you job here is not merely over: drop some eggs into the creamy mixture, as well, some whipped cream, too, then... let the baking frenzy begin! Once you've got your cake's two layers, unleash your creativity as a cake decorator, as well, and give these twins' special birthday cake a truly festive, eye-tempting look with the help of the right adorably looking sugared or marzipan decorations, colorful candles, eye-catching, lovely looking cake topper and the list can go on and on.

Do I sense a big birthday cake cooking games fan? Then seize the chance of sharpening your skills as a pastry chef even more attending all the other fun cake baking classes prepared for you on Rainbowdressup!

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