Trendy Braces

Would you love to brace yourself for a perfect smile, but you wouldn't want to ruin your reputation as a trendy chic fashionista? Well, then how about turning braces into that key, stylish accessory meant to add the the fabulocity factor to your look (while guaranteeing you those picture perfect teeth that you've always dreamed about, as well)? For some amazing inspiration when it comes to picking the chicest types of braces and for great tips and tricks on what make-up look best pairs with each one of them, consult the trendy braces make-up game guide!

This teen beauty queen here is hoping you could help her not only select the coolest braces, the ones that would help her get “the wow” effect, each time she smiles, but she's really depending on you to help her come up with a gorgeous make-up look to complement her braces, as well! So, get ready to enjoy one of the most “challenging” make up games for girls! Would you rather opt for cuteness when it comes to selecting her braces? Then some pretty, pretty flower-shaped ones or some adorable, rosy pink butterfly-shaped ones would be perfect for her! Pair them with a pastel colored,maybe, for a plus of girly chicness, for some candy colored, tiny diamonds adorned eyeglasses, as well, and you will have instantly got her a head-turning stylish brace girl look! You could as well get bold and opt for some multicolored, eye-catching braces or maybe for some luxuriously-looking, dazzling diamond braces instead! You must have surely enjoyed plenty of make up games for girls online, but none of them really challenged you to come up with the perfect make-up look for a teen beauty with... braces, right? Go for a resplendent necklace to highlight her new braces with, for a stylish hairstyle, as well, for upgrading her new look with, and keep in mind that you get the chance to choose even her eye color, too, going for the one that best pairs with her new braces. A touch of eyeshadow, either in a neutral color or in a vivid, candy-like one, and our teen sweetie is about to turn into a so very stylish teen beauty queen with... braces!

Don't think that this is the the only great beauty challenge that you need to face, as a make-up artist,while on Rainbowdressuo. We're looking forward to surprising you with other amazing make up games for girls, too! So, don't hesitate to check them out!

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