Thanksgiving Day Prep

This very evening lovely Lucy here will be dining at her parents' house! Even her elder brother will be there, her granny, too, and they'll be celebrating a pleasant Thanksgiving family dinner! Well, this year in particular sweet Lucy is dreaming about leaving all her loved ones mouth opened with her so very polished, feminine chic and so very Thanksgiving special look. Do you think you could help her with that? Then start her major makeover with the hair prepping part, getting Lucy's locks washed up, then soaked up in moisturizing hair mask. Next, feel free to style it up to your liking, opting either for a new hair color, for a gorgeous, so very romantic curly look or for an always so very stylish sleek, straight hairstyle! Have you ever played other Thanksgiving makeover games more engaging than this one here? Next, put together her polished make-up look, pick Lucy's fancy posh festive outfit and upgrade her final look with a Thanksgiving special head adornment, as well!



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