Sweet Pony Care

Would be this sweet little pony's babysitter? He's a truly naughty, playful horsy, you know, and whenever he's out, playing, he always gets himself terribly dirty, for he always seeks to jump in every little mud puddles that he finds! He's awfully muddy as we speak, he definitely looks like he needs a complete grooming session and a warm bubble bath as soon as possible! Hurry up to remove all the mud stuck to his hooves, then grab the head shower you have there and get him washed up from head to tail. Lovely! Towel dry him, as well, then reward him with a fun session in his tiny pool! If you usually play animal care games on a regular basis, you'll surely rate this game as one of the loveliest ones you've ever enjoyed! While in his cute little pool, you could entertain him by getting him his favorite toys to play with, during his fun splashy time. The grooming and the splashy time at the pool will be followed by a well deserved yummy snacks savoring time! Hurry up to feed your cute pony!


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