Adopted Puppy-SPA Makeover

Cute little Lina here's super, super happy! She's just adopted a poor puppy wandering there, on the streets, with no loving and caring owner to love him and take care of him! Would you help her look after new pooch and give him a well-deserved head to... paw makeover? Then get the Adopted Puppy- SPA Makeover game started!

Who knows when was the last time that this poor doggy took a warm bath. What do you say now, would you help Lina bathe her pooch! Gently water and shampoo his fur, focus on his teeth, too, getting them brushed through and through, and on his nails, as well, getting them trimmed, one by on, in no time! Awesome! Could you deny that this is one of the cutest animal makeover games that you've ever played? Next, once Lina has placed her little bundle of fur into his bedding, help her towel dry his fur, first of all, then blow dry it, too, then pamper it with all those special dog powders and lotions that would help Lina's new puppy pet's fur grow so silky soft! Then, it will be playtime! Step into the adorable adopted puppy’s toy room and click on various toys you have there, watching his heart-melting cute reactions of pure joy, surprise and delight! Next, since he's been such a good doggy, reward him with a new... chic fashion look! Judging by the so very lovely chic animal fashion collection that it features, you'll surely agree that this game stands out from the crowd of pet dress up games online! Scan through his cute colorful tops collection, get him some new lovely little doggy shoes, too, and remember to upgrade his utterly adorable look with a new eye-catching, so very trendy haircut, too!

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