My Baby Pony Care

A new super, super cute baby pony is born in the fantasy world and his loving parents are looking for a caring nanny to look after him. Would you like to take the test and find out whether you'd make a great babysitter for this adorable magic horsy? Then hurry up and step into the little one's bathroom, for it's his bubble bath time! Gently shampoo its mane, its tiny pink-colored body, too, make sure to rinse off the entire foam, once you're done with the washing, and to towel dry the adorable baby pony, too! Then, go on and apply all those baby piny skincare products on him, as well, keeping in mind to get him a new fresh clean diaper, too. Is this like one of the loveliest pony caring games that you've ever played or what? The last test to take, as his new nanny, will be the one where you need to prove your fashion skills by giving the little one a new lovely chic look. Accessorize him with pretty little ribbons, get him a new pair of chic hooves, too, go for a stylish mane, as well, and keep digging through all those pony customizing options until you've decided upon the final unbelievably cute fantasy look for him! Enjoy!

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