Swedish Pancakes

Let me guess: you are a pancakes expert! Well, then you must surely agree that if you are to make a “yummiest pancakes top” Swedish pancakes would be placed on one of the top three positions, right? Now, you do agree that it would be such a pity to miss the chance of learning how to cook this yummy delish, right? Especially since it's so fun! It makes no differences whether you've played other pancakes cooking games before, you'll surely grow addicted to this pancake cooking tutorial here! With a few quick clicks you get to prepare your first mixture: milk and eggs. Use the whisk there for mixing it really well then, get ready to face the next pancake cooking challenge: melting some fresh butter into the on-screen frying pan and mixing it with some fresh milk, too! Pour this second yummy mixture onto the first one and... get ready for actually preparing your very first pancakes!


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