Sunday Brunch

Do you know what would go best with a lovely-weather Sunday, a lazy Sunday, a Sunday to spend some quality time with your BFFs? A Sunday brunch! This lovely teen girl totally shares your opinion, that's why she's planning to meet her closest friends over a nice, girly brunch this Sunday, so even if it's going to be a so very casual event, she still wants to look as lovely chic as possible!Lend her a helping hand with that! Help her cleanse her skin, through and though, and then apply all those beauty products appropriate for her skin type, all those scrubs, cleansing and moisturizing masks that will get her skin an extra healthy glow. Then, go for a not so very pretentious and yet so very lovely hairstyle, for a barely there and yet so very pretty make-up look and go for feminine chic, casual cute clothes and sweet girly accessories that would best express her Sunday mood and her joy for being able to spend it in such a lovely way: meeting her close friends over a nice cup or coffee or yummy tea! If you play free makeover games as often as you can, then you will surely agree that this is one of the most charming, lovely designed ones of them!



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