Spicy Broccoli Chicken

Chef Oti's ready to reveal to you another one of her great recipes, spicy broccoli chicken, so you should definitely not miss the chance of attending her new cooking class! Put on your imaginary apron, roll up your sleeves and step into her lovely kitchen, doing your best to impress her as a super quick learner as you carry out all the tasks that she'll give you!

So, the very first test to take when cooking this yum, yum dish: finding all the ingredients listed in the recipe! Don't leave that speech bubble popping up near cook Oti's head out of your sight, for all the veggies that you'll be needing for preparing your tasty meal will show up there! Look for the bell pepper, scanning through all the bowls scattered on your wooden kitchen counter, for the carrots, as well, for the “star” ingredient, the broccoli itself, too, for the onion and for all the other goodies that she'll indicate to you. As a cooking games for girls fan you'll surely agree that this is one of those actually useful ones! Next, expect to be challenged to chop, chop, chop all the veggies showing up on the onscreen cutting board there, and to carefully slice the chicken breast itself, too. Master handle that kitchen knife using it on each one of these key ingredients, then drop them all together in the bowl put at your disposal and then... get ready for the stir frying part! By the time you reach this cooking step, you must already be really convinced that this is one of the best cooking games for girls that you've ever played! Don't forget to pour just a few drops of oil into the frying pan, first of all, and then to move your cursor along the arrow there, around the pan, for stirring all the veggies and the pieces of chicken inside. Et voila: step by step you've just prepared a mouth-watering, vitamin-loaded spicy broccoli chicken dish!

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