Secret Agent Slacking

Can you hold a secret? Then let me share with you a huge, huge piece of news: Sarah's turned into a top secret agent and she's on a very important mission, she and her teammate Jessica, too, who tends to get quite bossy and doesn't allow Sarah to take even one break from her duties! Would you help her... secretly indulge in some fun undercover agent type of slacking activities of her own when Jessica isn't around? Help her upload a cool photo of herself, at her new cool job, on her social media account, help her practice her secret codes memorizing skills again, practice her building climbing skills, as well, her talent for pulling off an amazingly realistic camouflage make-up look ,too, and so on. Wouldn't you agree that this is one of the coolest new slacking games that you've tried, recently? Each time you spot the red warning exclamation mark, be aware and make her stop all kind of forbidden activities, for it's a sign that bossy Jessy is about to catch her “in action”!


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