School Yard Slacking

Have you been missing cute naughty little Sarah? Have you been wondering what slacking pranks she's been up to lately? Well, here's your chance to be her accomplice for one of her new slacking sessions, taking place with in the school yard, during one of her breaks! She's been looking forward to this break, you know, but instead of having some fun and relaxing her mind after all those mind-challenging, energy-consuming long, long classes, she's supposed to quietly enjoy her pause, at least that's what that strict teacher watching her closely is expecting Sarah to do. What do you say, would you help her indulge in some forbidden activities such as... applying bright red lipstick, throwing basket balls in the hoop, popping other kids' gum bubbles, playing hopscotch, playing with her yo-yo and so on? If you have a weakness for fun-filled online slacking games, you'll no doubt love this school slacking session here, starring lovely cheeky Sarah!


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