Roasted Potatoes

Did you think that master chef Sara could not possibly surprise you anymore with a new amazing recipe? Well, get ready to get dazzled away, for you're about to learn to cook her so very famous, incredibly delicious: roasted potatoes! Attend her cooking class, first, or take the test directly, as you wish. The first step listed in her recipe: cutting the potatoes! Find them, first of all, then look for the cutting board as well and for the kitchen knife that you'll be needing, too, of course. Then, after you've prepared the pan for the baking part of the cooking show, go on an start seasoning those sliced potatoes, putting together Sara's special seasoning mix that will add a divine aroma to your potato garnish. Gather all the needed spices and other types of ingredients, such as oil, mustard, lemon juice etc. If you have a thing for fun cooking games, in particular, if you're always going for those with the fun factor added to, as well, then you will surely adore playing the role of Sara's new apprentice!


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