Chicken Fajitas

What type of yummy, quick to do and so very... quick to eat (since they;re so delicious) type of dish instantly pops up in your mind when you think of the famous Mexican cuisine? Chicken fajitas! Well, chef Sara's ready to teach you all about her famous Mexican dish, so get ready to gab your kitchen tools, such as the cutting board and the knife that you can find in Sara's kitchen, and to start slicing down the bell peppers and the onion that will add such a divine aroma to those chicken breasts! If you're used to play Sara cooking games, then I'm sure you're used to enjoying some of the very best cooking classes ever, right? Make sure to move your cursor along the on-screen green dotted arrow and to slice down those veggies one by one. Then, let yourself guided by your lovely trainer. For she's about to let you know which is the next major step to take before you can actually boast with your the first chicken fajitas dish cooked by you and you only!


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