Panda Mini Pops

What would you say about enjoying a dessert which is both yummy and incredibly cute looking, as well, like some... panda mini pops? Oh, and yes, I forgot to mention that it's also so very quick an easy to cook, too. First of all just prepare your dough by mixing all the indicated ingredients into that bowl put at your disposal: sugar, eggs, butter etc. Next, place the bowl into the oven and wait for a couple of seconds. Lovely! There sure is a skilled pastry chef locked inside you! Then you need to form tiny round shapes of dough and place them onto the lovely purple tray popping up on your screen. Next, mix some new ingredients, such as confectioner sugar, milk and vanilla essence...As a cooking games for girls fan and, most of all, as a desserts addict, you'll surely find this baking tutorial here so very inspiring!

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