Summer Grill

Are you ready for a fun riddle: it's incredibly delicious, it's served outside, in the sun, preferably shared with all your loved ones and your closest friends, it's a super popular summer foodie and a great opportunity for spending some fun time out, in the summer sun! It's the “summer grill”, of course! Now, before planning your future barbeque with all your dear ones, before you invite them over into to your backyard, you'd better learn a few cooking tips and tricks playing the Summer Grill cooking game!

Are you ready for a fun-filled veggie chopping “marathon”. Then chop, chop, chop till you drop starting with the... onion popping up on your cutting board! Drag your onscreen knife along the arrow you have there, in the indicated direction, of course, and you'll be cutting those veggies asap, quicker than any master chef. You see that this is definitely the most engaging free cooking games you've ever played! After you've done your “warm-up”,use that kitchen knife for slicing the eggplant, too, then the fresh, juicy looking tomatoes as well, then both the red and the green bell peppers. This veggie mix sure seems to be the perfect summer boost of vitamins for you, doesn't it? Once you're done with the chopping, use the barbeque fork put at your disposal for placing all those veggies, one by one, on the grill. You might be wandering how come there's no meat in your summer grill. Well, here it comes now: Several types of tasty-looking meat, ranging from sausages to bacon, pork and the list can go on! It already looks like the perfect type if meal to feast upon on a warm sunny day of summer while chatting and spending quality time with all your dearest ones, right? Don't forget, while enjoying one of the most useful free cooking games online, to turn over those veggies and pieces of meat, now and then, so that they can get them cooked on both sides and then to place them on the large plate you have there. Done! Your finger-licking summer grill is ready to be served or, in this case, just... drooled upon!

Are you crazy about free cooking games which easily make some highly inspiring cooking tutorials for you? Then you'll love this given chance of learning how to prepare THE ultimate summer grill for you and your friends!

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