Messy Talking Ginger

Oh my God: have your ever seen Talking Ginger looking so... messy? Well, the cute tomcat looks as if he rolled in the mud during his relaxing walk in the woods with Talking Tom and now the poor bundle of fur is all covered in pebbles, twigs and dirt. Would you help him clean up as soon as possible? Then quick, grab those tweezers and start plucking the twigs, then the little brush and start brushing off all those pebbles stuck to his fur and clothes, too. Next, remember to towel him dry, as well, and then to take those two fun tests that will help you unlock the other two items that you'll be needing for grooming sweet Talking Ginger: a sponge and a lovely scented soap. Isn't this one of the most engaging fun Talking Ginger games that you've ever played? So, start by responding to the cards matching challenge, then take the “spot the hidden object” test, too, scanning your cat friend's bathroom!


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