Talking Ginger Shaving

It's been a long, long... long time since cute Talking Ginger enjoyed a complete grooming session at the cat beauty salon, you know! You can easily tell that be the length of its fur: he's covered in heavy, ginger colored fur! Now, would you like to give him a head to... paw shaving session? Then grab the first tool that you'll need to use: the scissors that will help you trim his fur and reveal his cute little face once again! Next, grab the shaving machine you have there and use it all over its body! Don't forget to get him soaked in shaving cream, as well, and then to gently shave his fur. Awesome! Is this like the catchiest online shaving games that you've ever enjoyed or what! Don't forget to spray that special treatment that you can find in Talking Ginger's little bathroom and kill all the ugly bugs stuck to his body and also to disinfect and eventually bandage all the cuts resulted from the shaving session. By the time you're through with this grooming marathon, you will have got your tomcat friend a new polished cute, so very pulled together look!


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