Lemon Chicken

Cook Jenny's here to share with you some of her lemon chicken cooking tips! Mind you don't let this chance slip through your fingers, put your apron on and step into her kitchen! Here, first you'll embark on an “ingredients spotting adventure”! The first one that you'll need to look after is the mixing bowl. Then, you need to figure out where exactly, in her kitchen cupboard, she's placed her cornstarch. Once you find the ingredients that she indicates to you, once you will have placed them on the on-screen kitchen counter, go on and and do the mixing “hocus pocus”! Also, keep in mind to use the suggested measuring spoons to make sure you're using the right quantity! If you play cooking games on a daily basis, if you adore cooking in real-life, as well, you'll no doubt enjoy therole of chef Jenny's apprentice and this cooking show of hers that you'll be attending!

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