Lady Gaga

Make up Lady Gaga

She surely knows how make herself noticed with her eclectic, very personalized fashion style and make up. Do you have the attitude, the boldness, but you lack her beauty secrets? You should play the Lady Gaga make up game and find out her hidden make up techniques.

The keyword when it comes to the choice of colors this celebrity uses for her make up products is: boldness. That’s right! Dare make up Lady Gaga using an eyeliner on her upper lid and funky eyeshadows. Then give some clicks on the mascara you have there to give her that catwoman look. She also likes to use bold lipstick colors. Now, if you want to learn all abut her make up style you should not neglect even the slightest details. Be a perfectionist make up artist! After you make up Lady Gaga don’t forget to add some personal touch to her look. How about a fancy make up drawing? If you have gone for a more discreet make up, feel free to choose a more elaborate drawing. Now, don’t you agree that this game is a very complex one? There’s more. Now, if you just love all about her, then, why should you limit your curiosity only at the make up level? After you make up Lady Gaga you can also pick her afancytop and even a hair cut that should give her that ultimate celebrity allure.

Ok, so you have managed to disclose this celebrity’s secret beauty weapons! Now, how about a fabulous celebrity outfit that will go wonderful with your diva make up? Check out theVanessa Hudgens dress up gamefor further inspiration!

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