iCarly Dentist

My oh my! Sweet Carly Shay' show, iCarly, is about to begin, she'll have to smile at the camera in just a few minutes and... well... her teeth look awful! She should really go and see a dentist, asap! Do you happen to know a good doctor? I have an even better idea: how about you playing the role of gorgeous Carly's dentist? Use all those special dental instruments, one by one, for perfecting each one of her severely damaged teeth. Use those dental tongs for removing the blackened ones, make sure to fill in all those nasty looking cavities, to remove all those ugly looking germs and bacterias stuck to some of her teeth and so on. You'll surely admit that this is one of the most addictive free dentist games that you've ever played! Keep up the good work till you get Carly that picture-perfect smile that she could flaunt in front of the cameras today!



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