Doggy at the Dentist

This doggy has barely touched his top favorite doggy snacks these days, he refused to play fetch in the park, with his caring owner, he wouldn't even chase the neighbor’s cat anymore: he's having some serious tooth problems, the poor pup, you know! Now what would you say about taking this dare: being this doggy's dentist, the one who'll turn him from a sad puppy into a cheerful, playful one, ready to spread joy all around him by simply wagging his tail! Use all those tools as indicated to you through the helpful onscreen arrows and clean his teeth of that nasty tartar and plaque stuck to them, off all those horrible looking cavities and even dare removing the very damaged one. Look for brand new ones to replace them with, making sure to display them as indicated to you in the little square popping up on the top left side of the screen. You'll no doubt agree that this is one of the cutest dentist games for kids that you've ever played!


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