Homemade Beauty

Anyone who sees this gorgeous, foxy young lady here, would instantly think that she's a regular client of some of the fanciest, most luxurious beauty and spa salons in town. Well, they're wrong! Don't let her drop-dead gorgeous, flawless look fool you: her main beauty secrets are her regular... homemade beauty rituals. Pretty surprised? She's about to unveil her best homemade beauty tips and tricks so, don't let this chance slip through your fingers! First of all, learn all about the wonder ingredients that she can find in her kitchen and which make the perfect secret beauty ingredients for her to freshen up her complexion. I'm talking here about milk, about honey, about fresh apples and so on. Gather them all, scanning through her charmingly decorated little kitchen, then feel free to apply them in the form of some great masks on her face. How many of those free facial beauty games that you've tried so far revealed to you such awesome easy-to-do-at home type of beauty tricks? Once her skin's looking oh so very radiant and... unbelievably flawless, go on and complement her newly beautified look with a new ladylike fancy fashion look and hairdo, too!


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