Hello Kitty Make-Up

Sweet Emma here's getting ready for a cartoon character-themed birthday party and she's made up her mind: she'll impress everyone with her super pretty Hello Kitty-inspired look. She's picked her outfit, her adorable accessories, too, and now she's counting on you to help her put together her attention-grabbing, utterly cute Hello Kitty make-up look, as well. Start with the skin prep steps and master handle those tweezers like a pro' for nicely defining her eyebrows, then apply a deep pore cleansing facial mask, as well, and only then go ahead and show off your skills as a make-up artist! Go for a thin layer of light colored foundation, apply highlighter on the doted zones on her face, such as the nose and chin, next add an infusion of candy-like colors to her look. Digging through the new makeup games online you'll surely agree that this is one of the most creativity-challenging ones you've ever tested your skills with. A candy pink lipstick, some lovely colored eyeshadow, a coat or two of mascara and some eyeliner, as well, would make some great choices for you to pull off a Hello Kitty make-up look with!

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