Hannah Montana at the Dentist

Is sure looks like stunning Hannah Montana already looks simply... flawless, right? Well, she may be gifted with fabulously gorgeous looks, with an amazing talent and loads of charm, but when it comes to her teeth... well... they're far from perfect! Act as her personal dentist and boost up her self-confidence before she gets on stage this evening! Focus on those nasty looking cavities, on that ugly calculus, not at all flattering for a worldwide known superstar like her, on those orange colored teeth and so on, using those dental tools like a true professional! Is this like one of the most realistic online simulation games for girls or what? By the time you're done fixing her teeth of all their severe problems, she'll be able to put a huge, huge smile on her face and... get into the spotlights, and perform there, on stage, like a true singing young diva!


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