Pet Clinic

Welcome to Betty's pet clinic, the place in town where any injured or sick animal turns into a healthy, joyful, playful animal in no time thanks to Betty's care and skills as a veterinary. Still, since more and more sweeties come in, brought by their worried owners, Betty should really needs an assistant to help her out! Would you like to apply for this job? Well, then hurry up to attend the firstlittle patient! It's a doggy who's been feeling ill for a couple of days now. Use your cursor for guiding Betty to the ill pet, help her take it into her arms and gently place it onto her veterinary table. Depending on the diagnose that she'll put, be quick to help her administer the right treatment, too! Maybe some pills would cure him or rather a special syrup or maybe he's wounded and you need to get the injured area bandaged! If you usually play management games like a “maniac” you will definitely love walking into the shoes of a loving and responsible veterinary!

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