Halloween Extreme Makeover

This dashing young lady here is determined to leave everyone literally mouth-opened at this fancy Halloween party that she's about to attend! She's decided to set herself apart from all those conventionally scary witches and commonly spooky vampire ladies there, giving herself a truly extreme makeover! Would you help her carry out her plan? Then help her select some truly spooky eye lances, opt for a ghastly pale skin tone or maybe for an unnaturally yellowish one or maybe for a skin covered in bloody cuts. Next, get really daring and pick a statement dark-gothic eye makeup look and maybe a bloody red lipstick, as well! Go on and opt for an edgy, awe-inspiring hairstyle, as well as for an eye-catching head accessory, too: an oversized witch hat or maybe some huge horns! Then have fun getting the dark lady dressed up in one of her blood stained vampire lady dresses, extravagant, cutting-edge bat lady dress or mummy outfits. I bet you you'll come to the conclusion that you've never scanned through such an edgy-bold, Gothic-statement Halloween costumes collection while playing other Halloween makeover games before! Have a blast!



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