Frog Cupcakes

Wouldn't you agree that a super dessert should be both super delicious and so very cute looking, too? Now, what would you say if you could bake not just some yummy, tantalizing cupcakes, but some super adorably looking ones, too, some... frog cupcakes to surprise and spoil your dear ones with? This can only mean that it's time to... decorate! Start by applying some tasty whipped cream on those on-screen cupcakes you have there, then add some vivid green topping, too, forming your cupcake froggies' bodies. Then, get ready to put together their sweet looking little eyes, too! Just follow the on-screen red arrow and the on-screen pointing finger and you will have attached your yummy frog cupcakes some heart-melting eyes, too! I bet you've played other online cupcakes cooking games before, but how many of them challenged you to get so creative as a pastry cook?


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