Fiona Dentist Care

Oh, no, lovely Fiona was on her way to meet her “handsome” beloved Shrek when the donkey, wanting simply to have fun and scare her just a little bit, accidently hit her with one of his hooves and… damaged some of her teeth. How could she possibly meet Shrek looking like that? Do you think you could save the day (and Fiona’ reputation as one of the most beautiful princesses in Mon-sterland, too)? Be her emergency dentist and, letting yourself guided by the violet on-screen arrow, pick the right dental tools, one by one, and fix each one of her severely damaged teeth’ problems, enjoying maybe one of the most realistically designed dentist care games online! Some present some nasty looking fissures, others are affected with ugly looking cavities and so on. Simply grab the indicated tools and perform the suggested operations on the tooth popping up on the left side of the screen.


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