Lego House

Are you more than just another lego fan, but one gifted with amazing decoration skills, too? Well, then how does the idea of putting together the jaw-dropping lego house of your dreams, piece by piece, getting it decorated from roof to base, sound to you? Play the lego house decoration game and build the home of your fantasies!

What color does this dream mansion have in most of your dreams? Is it candy pink or maybe cappuccino brown or rather bright yellow? Pick its color, browsing through all those facade options unfolding on your screen once you click the first category tabs and then continue by making the second hard choice. As an online house decoration games you'll love the fun challenge prepared for you in this game! What roof would you select for your dream lego house? Also, do you prefer a pipe shaped or rather a rectangle-shaped chimney one and would it have to be in a contrasting color (contrasting with the roof I mean) or in a matchy matchy color instead? Pay great attention to the window frames' selection, as well. Go for lovely chic, rosy pink shaped ones or for a modern design instead. Then, you'll get the chance to add a little lego front door, too, to your dream house and also, believe it o not, you get to work your decoration skills on its surrounding area as well. Pick the type of trees, lego trees, of course, that you'd like to liven up the front yard with and also, indulge in the selection of a cool car that should be parked in front of your lego villa. Would you go for a speedy sports car or rather for a girly girly tiny one? Keep scanning through all those tiny lego items, enjoying what looks like one of the most addicting online house decoration games that you've ever played, keep decorating, constructing, changing your mind and restarting from the beginning till your lego house looks exactly like the one in your dreams!

If you love getting your creativity challenged playing online house decoration games, don't stop once you've put together the logo house of your fantasy! We're hosting plenty of other equally addicting games, falling into this category, on our website, you know!

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