Justin Bieber Tooth Problems

Fabulous Justin Bieber is due to get on stage in a couple of minutes, but he's certainly not ready to face the crowd and... even less ready for smiling at all his girl fans! No way, for his teeth look terrible right now! Would you be his “reputation savior”, his dentist who'll fix all his teeth problems in no time, helping him charm his audience with his big, gorgeous smile again once there, into the spotlights? Go on and control those onscreen dental tools like a true professional, turning all those cavities, all those yellowish, ugly looking teeth, all those blackened ones into a bad memory. From all the new tooth problems games that you can find online these days, this one here definitely comeswith the coolest surprise for you: the chance of walking into the shoes of gorgeous Justin Bieber's personal dentist! that Fill in those huge holes, remove the dark spots and keep in mind to replace the truly damaged ones with some new fabulous looking teeth that will surely boost his self-confidence before showing up in front of a huge crowd of Justin Bieber fans this evening!


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