Fabulous Glitter

Attending a VIP, super exclusive party, where all the Hollywood's most fabulous divas will be, is a great chance, but also a great challenge, too. This lucky upper class lady here will definitely have to flaunt such a clamorous, bling bling dazzling look in order to live up to the standards of fabulocity imposed by this event, right? How about giving her a helping hand putting together a jaw-dropping look playing the fabulous glitter makeover game?

No soon to be a gorgeous diva should go on adding all the glitter and the glamor to her look before she has given herself a major beauty makeover, don't you agree? Then make sure her complexion looks perfect first, pampering her skin face with all the right beauty products available for you in the fabulous glitter makeover game! Next, it's time to turn her from a gorgeous young lady into a red carpet diva adding her the dramatic, sophisticated make-up look, the resplendent jewels andstunning hairstyle suitable for a glamorous diva. Make sure to pick a dazzling sequined evening gown, too, or maybe a ladylike evening dress, the perfect fancy heels, too, and she'll be ready to outshine all the other celebs attending this super party!

Enjoy one of the most dazzling makeover games online and add the right touch of red carpet fabulocity to this high society girl's look!

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