Elsa's Candy Make-Up

Gorgeous queen Elsa's hosting a fabulous dance ball at her ice-made castle this very evening and she'd really want to leave all her guests... mouth-opened! Would you cast your beauty and fashion spell upon her, turning her into the... belle of the ball? A gorgeous, candy make-up look would be perfect for enhancing her out-of-this-world natural beauty with, don't you think? Dig through her beauty kit, mix and match make-up products in gorgeous candy-like colors, style up her gorgeous, super long blonde locks, too, then help queen Elsa pick the perfect ball dress, as well! Have you tried other Elsa makeup games as engaging as this one here? A dazzling sheer blue dress maybe or rather a flouncy, colorful minidress to catch all the attention with or an haute couture, glamorous yellow gown upgraded with a fabulous fur shawl instead? Some superb diamond jewels and the ravishing queen of Arendelle will be so ready to stand out from the crowd of princesses and queens who'll be attending her ball!

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