Easy Freezy Ice Cream

Get ready to soak up the sun this summer with a reinvigorating, yummy, yummy ice cream treat cooked right by... you! You should definitely not miss this useful ice cream cooking tutorial here if you want to give your taste buds an amazing treat and cool your senses, at the time time, each time the temperature starts to rise and rise...! So, let's take baby steps and start with the basic stuff: preparing the strawberry puree for our delicious ice cream delish! First of all do your best to find all the items listed in the recipe, then carry out the first cooking step: spreading the cookie butter. You'll surely come to the conclusion that this is one of the most useful, inspiringice cream cooking games that you've ever played! Next, put together your yummy puree right into that saucepan prepared for you on the stove, by dropping in the fresh tasty strawberries, firstly, then smashing them using that muddler put at your disposal and so on. The second major step to take will be that where you learn to prepare the ice cream base!


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