Doggy Dinner

Whether you already have a cute puppy of your own or not yet, I'm sure you're crazy about adorable doggies and you'd do your best, as a pet owner, to spoil him with the most amazing meals and yummy treats, right? Then one such amazing treat for him would definitely be this doggy dinner that you're about to learn to cook right now, the moment you hit the “play” button in this fun super realistic cooking game!

Let me tell you this: no puppy in the world could refuse some yummy, tasty meatballs! There's nothing more certain than that. Then how about learning how to cook them? The first basic cooking step to take would be that of removing flesh from the chicken on-screen bones. Click, click, click and you'll complete your fist task in no time! You sure start to feel just like a real cook whenever you get to play super realistic cooking games like this one here, right? Then, the next major step to take would be that of putting together the right ingredients, in the perfect sequence, needed for you meatballs mincemeat. Ready the recipe, then do your best to memorize the exact order that you need to drop them into the empty bowl there. You sure are a super talented cook, did you know that? Prove your skills at shaping the meatballs now! There will be no sticky meat on your fingers, like in real-life, no”deformed” meatballs coming out of your hands: you simply click the on-scree mincemeat and perfectly round-shaped meatballs will come out of it, one by one, in an instant.

Keep reading the recipe in what seems to be one of the most realistic cooking games online and you'll put together that doggy dinner, any doggy in the world's dream dinner in fact, in the blink of an eye!

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