Dinner Party Slacking

What was supposed to be a nice fancy dinner party at a luxurious restaurant with her loved ones quickly turned into a super boring evening for lovely Sarah! She can't stand still on her chair, dressed up in her prettiest evening dress, listening to that boring music and to all those grownups' boring conversations. Instead, she would seize every little chance she gets to have some fun on her own, behind her mommy's back, throwing... food at other people in the resto when they're too absorbed in their conversations, drinking way too much soda than her mom would allow her to, feeding one of the puppies there, in the restaurant, even though his wonder wouldn't allow her to and so on. You would surely agree, especially if you play slacking games online on a daily basis, that this is one of the most catchy ones that you've played lately? Team up with naughty Sarah and make sure her mom does not spot her doing all these things!


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