Mousy vs Keety

3... 2...1... go! A new epic “battle” between cute little Mousy and cunning, devilish Keety has just begun! How would you like to arbitrate it? Go through all its 3 stages, a dress-up one, a fun cooking one and a decisive maze solving one and help your little protegee win this everlasting confrontation between kitties and mice! So, get ready to show off your fashion talent, your cooking skills and then to exercise your brain muscle, as well, as you enjoy the Mousy vs Keety skill games for girls!

As mentioned above, the very first round of this new match is a dress-up game in fact. Scan through Mousy's colorful, cute chic clothes, with the fun factor added, too, and through all his funky wacky accessories, too, and come up with a new fashion look for him! Would you get him his favorite “Hello Keety” print t-shirt and pair it with his striped pajama pants or you'd rather go for his cat-themed full suit instead and pair it with one of his cool tall hats or sporty caps and place a huge spoon or maybe a big tantalizing cupcake in his little paw, as well? Once you've made up your mind, click “Done” and read Keety's feedback to Mousy's new fashion look. If you play skill games for girls on a regular basis you'll no doubt rate this one here as one of the most addictive ones you've ever played! Next, chef Mousy will cook one of his top favorite dishes, pizza quattro stagioni, following the given indications popping up on your screen. While putting together the right ingredients for preparing the dough and as you pour the tomato sauce on top, then all those different types of yummy cheese, pay attention to Keety! She'll suddenly pop up on your screen, intruding Mousy during his cooking session, so you need to simply pull her tail and... make her go away! The last challenge of this epic Mousy vs Keety battle will be that where you'll be helping one of them, it's up to you which one, make his way out of an intricate maze while avoiding nasty little traps and collecting tasty and even superpowers-giving pieces of cheese strategically placed there. Have a blast!

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