Summer Slacking

Whenever dashing Jessica here hits the beach, all the other gorgeous beach beauty queens there stand no chance of outshining her! She's gorgeous, she's stylish, she's charming and already so very popular, so she simply could not afford ruining her reputation by doing anything that a misspopularity” mademoiselle should do. I'm talking here about... decorating ice creams, building sand castles, just like little kids do, playing whack a... crab, writing all kinds of silly text lines on the sand and so on. So, do you think you could help them enjoy all these not so very “cool” type of fun things to do while on the beach without getting spotted by one of those fancy beach beauties, her true rivals, without ruining her reputation? Couldn't you agree that this is by far one of the most entertaining online slacking games that you've ever played?

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