Cooking with Mom

She might still be so very tiny and she might not know yet how to read, but even so sweet baby Lulu is already a very ambitious little cook, you know. She wouldn't skip any one of her mommy's great cooking sessions in the kitchen, for she would always rush in to lend her a helping hand and learn as much as she can from her mom's amazing cooking secrets. Look at her now, helping her mommy buy all the ingredients they’ll need for putting together a copious breakfast today! Eggs have been added to their shopping list, olive oil, too, a bottle of tomato sauce, too, a few carrots,as well, a frying pan, for they really need to have the best kitchen tools if they want their breakfast to turn out simply... yummy and the list could go on. Once their shopping spree at the grocery store is done, join the mommy chef and her cute daughter into the kitchen! Grab the veggies pointed out to you on your screen and pass them to lovely Lulu, look for the oil that mommy will be pouring into the frying pan, for the eggs that she's about top fry and keep looking for all the ingredients that they'll be needing for cooking this so very festive, copious breakfast! Wouldn't you agree that this is one of the very best cooking games for girls that you've ever got your skills as a master chef tested with?



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