Cookies and Cream Sundaes

Here you have gorgeous Barbie not on one of her major shopping marathon, not on one of her long, long amazing sessions at the spa but... in the kitchen! She's a great dessert fan, you know, and her top favorite yummy treats are definitely ice cream, cookies and sundaes. She adores putting them together into one amazing three-in-one delish, so you should definitely not skip her cooking class starting... right now! Put together the first mix made of tasty ice cream and yummy cookies mixed with one big spatula. Great! One could easily tell that you've played lots and lots of cooking games for girls so far! Then, get those delicious marshmallows melted, using one saucepan, some yummy marshmallows, obviously, and some yummy cream, too. Good job! Next, go on and add some more chocolate to this moth-watering mixture here and last, but definitely not least, arrange all these yummy goodies in and empty ball, putting together one irresistible ice cream dessert!

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