Chocolate Spa Day

This luxury spa center's most popular beauty treatment sure is the one using... chocolate as its wonder beauty ingredient! This is why this dashing young lady's one of this beauty salon's regular clients! She simply adores all those chocolate body massage sessions, all those ground chocolate body exfoliating rituals, too, and that's not all! Here she can get herself pamper,s form head to toenails, having her legs gently waxed, getting her pedicure a newly upgraded, fancy posh look, getting herself a new super polished make-up look, a new stylish hairdo etc. Needless to say that her newly new flawless, fabulous look calls a new supper stylish fashion combo, as well, so get ready to be challenged to pick the perfectly chic fashion items out of a huge designer outfits collection, too! If you're all into beauty spa games, this one here will surely be one of the most addictive and valuable beauty tricks-filled ones from your top favorites list!

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