Chocolate Rice Krispies

Always in the mood for a delicious treat? What would you say about treating yourself and maybe your beloved ones, too, with some yummy chocolate rice krispies today? First of all, you need to learn how to cook them! Put on your pastry chef hat and see how quickly you manage to carry out the first cooking task: sieving the cocoa powder! Look for the cocoa powder bag itself, then for the sieve and the big empty bowl that you'll be needing. Next, it's time for you to slice down your butter. See where exactly they could be hiding in this virtual kitchen here, where it would be more likeability to spot it in the kitchen cupboard or in the fridge, then look for the cutting board, too. Lovely! It sure is one of the most helpful free cooking games tutorials you've ever improved your skills as a pastry chef with, right? The next step to take will be to get your butter melted in the oven you will have placed on the oven there and then pour all the other ingredients, too, and mix them all together in a yum, yum batter. Don't forget about the tasty marshmallows, a major ingredient, nor about the rice, too. Keep completing the given tasks, letting yourself cursor guided by the helpful onscreen arrow, and you will have cooked your chocolate rice krispies in no time!


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